My Pre-Wedding Makeover Became A Life Makeover

There is a great amount of pressure for brides to look beautiful on their wedding day. After all, for many women, it’s the most important day of our lives. While most brides have a pre-wedding makeover the day of their wedding with their hairstylist and makeup artist, I started mine a few months before, at the office of Dr. Sheila Nazarian, who is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I found the doctor, or as I call her, The Fairy Godmother of Fillers on Real Self.

Real Self is kind of like Yelp for everything aesthetic, but even better. In addition to general information about any procedure you could ever imagine (and even some you couldn’t) the site has pictures, videos, price comparisons, Q&As with doctors, forums and so much more.

Real Self also makes it easy to find a doctor because they have a directory of Board Certified Physicians. If you are considering having anything done, it is absolutely necessary to use a board certified physician. Have ever watched Botched? Going to the wrong doctor can lead to disastrous and disfiguring results. Would you go to a dentist for liposuction? No, you wouldn’t because that is crazy! But uneducated people do. Real Self empowers you to educate yourself about your body and how you can improve it. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not a procedure is right for you.

I choose to use Dr. Nazarian for a number of reasons. Sure, she was well reviewed and had excellent credentials, but she was also one of Real Self’s Top Docs. This distinction given to less than 10% of the doctors on the site. Furthermore, she is an assistant professor at USC, which is one of the best medical schools in the country. But, I also choose her because she was pretty (even more so in person). That might sound like a strange reason to choose a doctor, but would you let someone who lives in a crappy apartment decorate your house? I know I wouldn’t.

Although I knew I wanted fillers for my laugh lines and to lift the area under my eyes, I wasn’t sure exactly which ones I wanted. As informational as Real Self is, absolutely nothing can replace a medical degree and years of experience. One thing I really liked about Dr. Nazarian is that she is very conservative with her work. I didn’t want to look like someone else, I just wanted to look like the best version of myself. My results were so incredible, no one had any idea I had fillers done. When I told my mom and my bridesmaids, they were totally shocked. They almost didn’t believe me.

I also had CoolSculpting. If you don’t know what CoolSculpting is, it’s essentially having your fat frozen off. For my entire life, I’ve always hated my stomach. It’s not bad; it’s just not perfect. I am very healthy and work out five days week, but I just had this little bit of fat I couldn’t get rid of.

CoolSculpting is such an easy procedure and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you are wondering how it works, you should first know it is completely non-invasive. All you do is sit in a chair for a few hours while two cold plates are clamped down on your fat to work their magic. You can also multitask during the procedure. I brought my laptop and kept propped it up on a pillow. CoolSculpting is so simple, but affective, Dr. Nazarian even did it on herself.

After the plates were removed, my fat was massaged, which feels slightly awkward. The entire thing was painless except for the five minutes after the procedure. But seriously, it’s just five minutes. Anyone can deal with pain for five minutes. It takes about two months for your body to naturally eliminate the fat cells in the area where the CoolSculpting was performed. Having totally exceeded my expectations, I am beyond happy. I can finally wear crop tops and bikinis without feeling self-conscious. And if you were wondering, I did not wear Spanx under my wedding dress.

My wedding day was epic. Without Dr. Nazarian, I’m not sure I would have felt as beautiful and confident as I did. I plan to continue using fillers because I don’t need a special day to be the reason I look and feel my best, I just need Dr. Nazarian.

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