Photo credits: Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Travel restrictions. Border closures. Stay-at-home directives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has grounded businesses and caused people to stay put. World-over, countries are still grappling to flatten the curve and reduce the number of fatalities. Unfortunately, neither cure, nor vaccine for Covid-19 have been discovered yet.

On the upside, this grounding has…

Residents of Mombasa County receive food packs donated by private companies, and well-wishers. Photo credits: Bana Kenya News

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc globally. Characterized by dwindling economies and loss of lives in the hundreds of thousands, the world is literally on its knees at the moment. Barely a month before the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic; Kenya was grappling to contain the locust invasion in…

Amanda Namayi

Youth Advocate for #ZeroHunger & #ClimateAction

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