Marketing Manager role for fun tech company!

- Storytelling. 
- Brandergizing.
- Telling stories.
- Developing brand campaigns that’ll never see the light of day.
- Adtergrating.
- Coming up with stories, then telling them.
- Being a millennial. 
- Making us seem human.
- Being told “no” by other departments.
- Being pitched “better ideas” by other departments.
- Losing touch with people and reality.
- Manage a go-to-market plan.

Qualifications (must haves):
- Bachelor’s degree in anything.
- 27+ years experience in Marketing, Branding, or Storytelling.
- Be a millennial.
- Ability to explain complex ideas in a convoluted way.
- Ability to write like a human. For humans. In human terms. 
- Deep understanding of outdated memes.
- Strong knowledge of most things.
- Excellent communication and non-communication skills.

Qualifications (nice to haves)
- PHD in Marketing.
- Some inner turmoil.
- Proficient in MS Paint.