Welcome to my Blog!!!

In this blog I am going to go over fashion.

Makeup ( I am going to cover everything)

And… Drum roll please…


Hopefully all of the questions you had in mind will be answered in the blog.

If you have any other ideas of advice you’d like to hear, just comment.

Here are 11 things I am going to talk about in this blog:

  1. Fashion do’s and don’ts. ( what to wear and what not to wear) PLEEEEASE say you don’t wear socks and sandals!
  2. Make-up do’s and don’ts. You do blend in your contour right?
  3. How different social medias should be used and how to use them. Are you one of those people who take a picture of every single meal?( No one wants to know that you had pizza for two night in a row)
  4. What emoji’s you should use when contacting people. ( because let’s face it, your parents still use :-) as an emoji. ( maybe don’t send a laughing emoji if someone said something sad happened)
  5. What makeup brands are the best and where to get them. ( pound land makeup?) ( probably not a thing)No. Thank. You.
  6. The top makeup brushes to use and how much they cost. ( Are you paying 30 pounds for 1 makeup brush? I sure hope not…
  7. Abbreviations and what they mean. ( OMG ur not acc doing that r u?) TRANSLATION- OH MY GOD your not actually doing that are you? ( also when to use them… don’t use “lol” for something bad)( just a thought)
  8. Tips for a great selfie ( angles… it’s all about angles)( just don’t cover half your face up… those are soooo 2013)
  9. Life Hacks for makeup ( perfect eyeliner) ( maybe has somethings to do with a card… maybe not)
  10. What shops are the best to shop for your clothes. ( clothes from Sainsburys? maybe you think they are comfortable)
  11. Different looks for different seasons. (DEFINITELY DON’T WANT TO WEAR SWIMMING CLOTHES IN DECEMBER!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog and comment ideas for other blogs that i should do and have a great day!