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A sourced interview from MayB Online with owner & founder of basedSKIN. — Kamilah Ferrari.

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7 min readNov 8, 2020

(Original article source granted direct from MayB. Photos updated by basedSKIN.)

Paulina K’anna for basedSKIN. Spring 2020 “On The Range” (03.03.20). Photographed by Combina.


I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Kamilah from basedSKIN. — a relatively new skincare brand that is vegan and free from Mineral Oil, Fragrance, Dye, Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates. This wonderful company prides itself on being inclusive of all and transparent with its clients. The attention to detail that this basedSKIN. provides is a true novelty in this industry and something that I personally found extremely refreshing.

I hope you enjoy this article and head to to see their full list of products.

Cedella G. for basedSKIN. Spring 2020 “On The Range” (03.03.20) . Photographed by Combina.

MayB: How did basedSKIN. come about?

Kamilah Ferrari:

basedSKIN. truly formed itself from a series of events. I never woke up and thought to myself “I want to create a skincare brand.” That never even crossed my mind.

Upon becoming a vegan, I had to change my lifestyle; skincare included. That’s when I began learning about nutrition, as well. Once I stumbled upon Collagen and its many helpful benefits, I was saddened to learn that collagen actually can’t be absorbed topically. Hence; all of the skincare products claiming to put Collagen into your skin are essentially doing nothing.

I really wanted to avoid consuming animal product — yet still enjoy the benefits of collagen.

That’s when I learned about Matrixyl peptides. They are safe alternatives to retinol that produce 350% more collagen and elastin — as well as create a macromolecule synthesis of six skin-rebuilding essentials: three types of Collagen, two types of protein, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Paulina K’anna for basedSKIN. Spring 2020 “On The Range” (03.03.20). Photographed by Combina.

Instead of putting Hyaluronic Acid into your skin with temporary facial fillers, you are actually producing it on your own! This is truly revolutionary; as you are also producing your own collagen and elastin from within. The three together significantly change the look and feel of your skin and benefit you both immediately and long-term.

The skincare was initially used years ago to better my own skin; becoming so helpful that I began sharing it with my friends and family. After the reaction I received — I knew I had to share the product with the public!

The name “basedSKIN.” came to mind as a brand name because of the Collugreen (coll•U•green) serums being based on only a few plant-based/natural ingredients in combination with polypeptides. Our cleansers and moisturizers are also filled with highly beneficial plant-based ingredients.

basedSKIN. officially began retail online on February 14th, 2020.

Shelby Mattson and Jasmine Jade for basedSKIN. “#081720” (08.17.20). Photographed by Kamilah Ferrari.

What makes basedSKIN. different to other skincare brands?

For starters, we have very few ingredients in our products. There are only 8–10 ingredients in our serums, and 2 ingredients in our moisturizer. We use more actives and less preservatives/fillers — making our products concentrated and effective. A little bit goes a very long way, and therefore our products last.

We are cruelty-free, non-GMO, fragrance and dye free — as well as free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and all harmful chemicals and preservatives! Even our Hyaluronic Acid is vegan!

Jessie for “Intro To Summer 2020: Waking Up With Jessie” (07.16.20). Photographed by Combina.

We are also a sustainable brand. To keep things conservative, everything is measured out in our skincare; from the serums and moisturizers having measured markings on our child-proof droppers — to our cleansers having mini product spoons for scooping product with an indentation that measures proper product amount needed for each cleanse.

We also do not individually package products in their own product boxes. We put our products in transparent, travel-friendly makeup bags. The bags, along with the recyclable bottles, jars, and tins our skincare comes in are all reusable and travel-friendly. That way, after you’ve finished our products; you can fill the packaging with other products and place them in the included makeup bag to use as toiletries for travel!

Cedella G. and Carlo Mendez for basedSKIN. Spring 2020 “On The Range” (03.03.20). Photographed by Combina.

Marketing wise, we believe in showcasing our products through physical results and photographs of actual people. Why look at websites full of product packaging when you can look at the product’s potential results? Our brand identity is far more than product packaging. Therefore, we like to showcase our products in ways that don’t mimic the ‘typical’ skincare brand presentation, because we’re not your ‘typical’ skin care brand.

Shaunté and Jessie for basedSKIN. “Sunset Blvd.” (10.11.20) Photographed by Jean Terranova.

What was the motivation to create a low waste brand?

Honestly, my home being full of packaging (boxes) from brands I recently ordered from!

If you can avoid waste and make something reusable, why not? I feel things should have a purpose, and I don’t feel that additional product boxes apart from the shipping boxes are truly needed.

I think we are far too advanced to be depending on boxes for instructions and ingredients. Our full ingredient listings with partial instructions are on the recyclable product bottles and jars — and we consult our clients directly so they know how to use our products. You can also read instructions, ingredients, and all about our brand online in the basedSKIN. online library and blog.

So apart from that, it’s really just your brand-name housing your products inside of another box. I don’t agree with creating that just to package my products because it “looks nice”.

We are better than that. We all are better than that.

Shaunté for basedSKIN. “Sunset Blvd.” (10.11.20). Photographed by Jean Terranova.

Inclusivity is a big part of the brand. Do you feel this is something that is missing in the beauty industry?

I cannot stress how important this is. Everybody is included when it comes to our brand. And I mean that on a deeper level than simply who we target.

We actually make an effort to connect with our customers, whom which we refer to as “clients”. Skin care is so unbelievably personal. I can’t possibly imagine selling products without actually talking to our customers (or at least offering). That really blows my mind.

Paulina K’anna for basedSKIN. “September” (09.03.20). Photographed by Kamilah Ferrari.

Our products are loosely targeted to certain skin types, but realistically; all of our products are great for every skin type and target an extremely wide range of skin concerns.

Our products are also multi-purpose. For example; we don’t have eye creams because our serums are effective on every part of the face and body; including the lips and especially under-eye area!

Collugreen+ Brightening Serum and Collugreen Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer in “The Jungle Room”. Photographed by Kamilah Ferrari.

What are your personal favourite products?

My favorite products would have to be our new Collugreen+ Brightening serum and also our Collugreen Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer! My skin is absolutely glowing afterwards! I almost cannot believe how much your skin transforms after even just one use and especially in the long run!

ALICE for basedSKIN. “September” (09.03.20). Photographed by Kamilah Ferrari.

What is your hope for the future of basedSKIN.?

In the beginning, I was not focused on growing the brand to an international or even national level, but that is absolutely my goal! I would really love people from all countries to gain the ability to experience our skincare products.

I truly strive for as many people as possible to have the opportunity to meet our brand and fall in love with the way our products completely transform the skin!

Collugreen serums and Facial Decongestant Cleanser. Shop @

Are you working on any new products at the moment?

We actually just released our Collugreen+Brightening Serum and Facial Decongestant! As I mentioned, products may recommend skin types they work well with; but our products are truly universal.

Having dry skin, I never thought I would be using a gel cleanser on a regular basis, but our Facial Decongestant isn’t your typical gel cleanser. Our products are high-quality and their benefits are endless.

Jessie for “Intro To Summer 2020: Waking Up With Jessie” (07.16.20). Photographed by Combina.


I hope you enjoyed reading about basedSKIN. I think this brand is definitely one to watch and with visible results it is well worth a look at their website.

For more information you can visit their instagram: @basedskin

Or you can visit their other socials:

Facebook: basedskin

Twitter: @basedskin

Pinterest: basedSKIN.

Youtube: basedTV.

Tumblr: basedSKIN.

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