Fabulous Day 16

16. Sometimes you get really emotional!

You know you’re alive when you feel…

Photo Credit: Unsplash Andrew Branch
16 year old me — I’m not emotional, I don’t cry, I’m cold-hearted!
26 year old me — *sobs uncontrollably* Damn you Shonda Rhimes! Every week Grey's Anatomy WHYYYYYYYY?!?!!

I used to brag about not being emotional. I couldn’t cry or even feel sorry for people. I lacked empathy! Most importantly I somehow though it was cool not to feel….I honestly felt that feeling was for p*ssies!


Being emotional is not a sign of weakness. It is simply a natural response to a situation. In fact being emotional is a strong suit as you allow yourself to feel. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel emotional and you should never apologize for it either. Trust me it’s going to happen a couple times well.

Life is going to throw some lemons your way. The way I see it, sometimes you catch them and sometimes those lemons hit you smack in your face! Have you ever been hit in the face? That sh*t is going to hurt! You can scream “Ouch!” or bawl your eyes out. SO dammit! FEEL! FEEL! FEEL!

“Help me I’m feeling….” — The Grinch

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