Sexual Fantasy gone wrong?

I’ve always been a closet freak- wait, what exactly is that? I mean do people really go around announcing sexual fantasies or kinkiness on social media or at family gatherings? Then again, I don’t think I look innocent (this I’ve been told). I’ve always been a private person, that’s it. But when it comes to sex, my imagination and curiosity takes over, I’ll try something if it seems interesting to me at least once. I’m also curious about a lot of things. As open as I am (to new and weird things in bed) it’s hard to find a partner who is equally open.Till I met my ex!

The guy that literally took my freak-inity! I mean he was open to anything! The things we did, things I allowed! I mean wow! Never have I thought I would do certain things but he brought it out in me. Our relationship was based on sex. It was supposed to be very casual, I was comfortable with him and thought that I could share with him one of my fantasies.

Sexual fantasies should be just that, right? A fantasy, a sexual image or act that arouses you, that may or may not be possible. Heavy on the ‘may not’. So here’s my fantasy, at least one of them: I always wanted to have sex with another guy, a complete stranger, while my partner sits and watches. My partner is not allowed to speak, or touch me, but he can touch himself. Cool right? I thought so! He thought so as well! But that would never happen, it’s a fantasy!

One night my then partner and I (let’s call him OH) were over at my friends house drinking, just hanging out. I had a long day at work and just wanted to unwind. OH and my bff ( let’s call her Aa) were good friends as well, and OH thought it would be cool to tell Aa about my fantasy. It was then Aa said she knew someone who would be perfect and said she could call him over. I was against it, because well, a fantasy should be heavy on the not possible side! Right? Somehow OH and Aa, drunk as hell was now on the phone with….let’s call him NOH. NOH, who has no idea who I was decided “SURE! I’ll do it sounds cool!” And NOH was on his way over to act out my not possible fantasy.

OH and Aa were so into it, I felt I couldn’t back out, I’m drunk anyway, I’m brave, it’s a fantasy, I can do this! Not a big deal! I’m open! What could possibly go wrong?! NOH finally got there, and Aa introduces us, this is already starting to feel weird. We all go into the guest bedroom, NOH and I sit on the bed, with OH and Aa standing over us silent…..could this be any more awkward? Oh yeahhh!

So Aa thought she should leave NOH and I alone to get ‘acquainted’ and she pulled OH out the room and closed the door. This was when I realized I’m not as liquored up as I would have liked! We’re just sitting there trying to make useless small talk, and then I thought “WTH, just go for it!”. I started jerking him off, I don’t remember if we kissed, blame the alcohol, then OH comes back into the room.

Listen to me, a fantasy should be properly planned and everything accounted for!!

So OH comes back and NOH is all ready to go, grabs a condom, pulls down my pants, I’m ready to go too and bends me over in doggy style. Get this, OH is standing OVER us arms folded, and OH was a tall ass 6+ guy and he does not look happy or aroused. At this point forget awkward we’ve entered the twilight zone or somewhere I didn’t want to be. But NOH was good, I mean really good and I couldn’t help but let out a few moans. I felt like R. Kelly, my mind was telling me NO but my body was telling me YES! Every moan or sound I made seemed to anger OH, and he just walked out, and slammed the door!!

What would you do then? What do you think I did? NOH, was good! Just as a penis has a mind of its own, so does a vagina. Plus I was drunk, and feeling good! So we continued…..but after about five minutes, could have been longer, I felt wrong so I stopped him. He pulled up his pants, I said an awkward thanks and he left. I went to look for OH who was now PISSED off! I mean he was so angry, steam was blowing out his ears and nostrils. I swear I’d never seen him like that and Aa was just there, being awkward along with me.

We all sat and watched tv like it was nothing for a while not a word to each other. The next day OH finally decided to talk to me. Apparently he didn’t like the fantasy once it started. Apparently “You were enjoying him too much, doggy style is MY favorite position with you, doggy style is the deepest I get into you, why did you decide doggy style?” I was shocked, I mean I’m not loose! I have feelings down there, I can’t help if it felt good. Those noises are natural reflexes, my juices are natural reflexes. Plus doggy style was ideal as my fantasy was to watch my ‘lover’ while being fcked! Plus in doggy style, I don’t have to look at the stranger’s face, or hold him or anything, my hands would be free…..he didn’t like that explanation.

Eventually he got over it but I could tell it always bugged him. I supposed in turning my fantasy into real life, I didn’t factor in that OH was the jealous type, or that I would probably enjoy NOH, or even that NOH may have been packing more than OH. Men tend to compare those things. All in all it was a OH NOH idea…..pun intended ;)

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