Sitting at my laptop Googling “Can dogs eat cheese?” and Cortana sends me a message — I can help you plan your Valentines date!

Right then and there I was reminded that its another yet date less for Valentine's. Thanks Cortana! As if I didn’t already hate you! You just keep on annoying me (Cortana is Windows 'Siri’).

I mean she could have first asked if I had a Valentine to begin with. Never just assume! You don’t know my needs, OK Google would never do that to me! She loves me!

It’s Valentine's day and I’m again bittersweet about it. I miss my mommy — yes mommy. As the only girl growing up I would wake up Valentine's morning to heart shapes candies and little toy tokens. My mother was amazing at making me feel loved. I guess she spoiled me into thinking that every Valentine day should be like that.

But life has taught me, there’s no love like a mother's love. My last Valentine was exactly 7 years ago, age 20. I’ve never spent a Valentine with a love since then. Damn!

By the way I have no idea what direction I’m going with this so if you’re still reading at this point….I don’t know what to say.

So I suppose you can say I’m that type of person that hates Valentine's day but only because I’m single. Every year I tell myself this won’t be me again next year, I’ll find my Ryan!

There was no point to this rant but I’ll post it anyway. I think it’s important to have raw thoughts online. Everything is so well written and thought out, and it’s not reality. Real people have flaws, real words have flaws, real is raw!

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