The Girl guides equality and diversity policy, is it wrong?

You gotta feel sorry for the policy makers of the Girlguides, in todays madness its ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’, when it comes to the ‘Trans debate’.

This was sparked again this week by the news that the 100 year old association of Girlguides has introduced ‘Trans friendly guidelines’. However there is a problem with trans friendly guidelines and that is that many people (Traditional and Modern people) think and feel that there own views and opinions have been ignored or brushed aside in the race to be ‘inclusive’.

The Girlguides guidelines on transgender and gender reassignment were published in January but it was only this week that the mainstream media took note and kicked off, with it’s usual and predictable fuss. Commentators such as MP David Davis receive harsh treatment from the alternative and more left leaning media. Davis commented ‘If transgender girls who are physically male are going to be sharing facilities, it’s going to make some girls feel threatened and uncomfortable’. For this Davis is labelled a ‘hater’ and worse when really all he is doing is bringing up a very real concern. Not everyone is happy that trans-girls might be using their bathroom and or shower, so where does the person, who is uncomfortable with a trans person sharing there toilet space, go? Or do we just assume that this person is transphobic and therefore not worthy of our consideration? Because that is what these new toilet rules do. If you don’t like it, tough!

A lot of people feel unheard and uncomfortable with the new policies being introduced, and not just with the Girlguides. Arguments over personal pronouns and legislation being threatened to enforce the use of certain words leave many feeling frustrated, and they are not all foaming the mouth, transphobic bigots. Many are just concerned about the pace of change, and would like to be consulted and have there opinions heard.

Some thought that they knew what the words ‘woman’ and ‘man’ and ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ meant, and for 1000’s of years the meanings have been clear, but now a new idea has come into being and it tells us that we were wrong to think that.

The new idea tells us that the words ‘Girl’ and ‘Woman’ actually mean something else and protesting or asking questions can, in the eyes of some, make you said bigot!

If the Girl guides wished to become truly inclusive and trans friendly then they could have simply removed the name ‘Girl’ from the title and installed a third option for toilets and bathrooms for those that are not comfortable with the other two. Couldn’t they?

Right or wrong for 1000’s of years we have had separate bathing spaces for men and women and if we are going to change that then I think it would be fair to consult all toilet users and find a way that suits everyone! Yes? No?

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