A Time to Kill iTunes
M.G. Siegler

I don’t MAC and I don’t iTunes, Apple is extremely expensive and has yet to resolve what we as a species need to be resolved. Apple is for the children in us who take a break from contributing to the human concern. Today, we who are in the know realize that Mr and Mrs Caveman exceed what Apple has yet to grasp.

My Windows 10 is constantly bombarded by a popup to update iCloud, iTunes. Why!?! Windows 10 is so oblique to intelligent computing that a myriad of software purveyors constantly solicit Windows 10 touting that it (Windows 10) is dirty and needs to be cleaned up, Windows apparently not aware that it is dirty, needing automatic attention to keeping itself clean.

I shower regularly, do you?

Perhaps both Windows and Apple are “too smart” for you children who have too much money for your own good and don’t realize life free of stupidity such as Windows and Apple. Naturally, never living without “it” you children have “no clue”. Pure stupidity dubbed as “progressive thinking.”



Clouds are nothing more than rooms filled with electronics that can be hacked and shutdown in less than a nanosecond; shutting down your childish lives, terminating life as you know it.

Real clouds are forever, changing form and function, free from hacking, unfortunately, filled with the dirt created by Windows, Apple, and you. A complete and total unsustainable situation. Perhaps, however, Mother Nature is self-cleansing, unlike Windows, and hopefully shall sustain the removal of the destructive species.

Sad. Very sad.

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