The love of music

#Music is the expression of our #souls through #love.

It is a journey that one takes, without having to physically actually move. Although for obvious reasons touching music actually makes you move. It makes you either wanna dance and leap for joy, or slowly waltz in a slumber.

It is the expression of our souls through love.

Without paying hefty fees for a flight and a hotel. It can bring you to a destination that fills you up like a summer breeze by a beautiful Ocean view.

It can take you on a roller-coaster ride, swinging your emotions high up to the skies limit and letting them drop with a force stronger than gravity.

Music. The artful wonder that has it all.

It draws a picture if the lyricist would like. It dances to the rhythms of African drums. It sculpts and molds and reshapes.

It can fill and surrender the atmosphere. It can change the mood in seconds.

It can make you feel like superman. Or it can make it feel like superman is standing on your chest.

It is just beautiful. The subtle tones of a voice of grace. The loud shouts of a voice of passion. Graceful. Passionate.

I would like to thank all Musicians for sharing their soul’s tale through love.

#Music is the expression of our #souls through #love.

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