What is your worth? Her worth? His worth? Their worth?

Your worth is not measured by what you’ve achieved. It will never be measured by that. Your worth is not measured by what you do or accomplish.

Your worth is the price that was paid for you at the cross. And that price was the bill (cost) of an eternal God who created everything we know and owns all that we see and cannot see, paying the price of death in your place.

So if you want to quantify your worth. Take that eternal God that owns everything you see and cannot see. Add it up, if you can — but you won’t be able to because our minds cannot even wrap our heads around the tangible Universe, let alone the world we cannot see — and then quantify that worth — as the price paid to have your life.

So basically you are worth everything to God, because he paid the price of his own life to make sure you have the freedom to have a liberated life.

That is what you’re worth. However, also always remember that is the worth of every human being you will ever meet, see and get to know.

If that is your worth and it is also theirs — how will you go about treating yourself and them?

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