Wide Open Life — a letter to my soon to be born son.

Hey my little one.
I am so excited about you joining us here on planet earth.

N although it’s scary out here.
I promise I will be there with you, especially when it hurts.

Now life aint no fairy tail.
In fact it can get a little complicated.

But your mom and I.
With our love, we will try to keep you elevated.

You’re not even born
And already I worry.

Reminding myself
That the one who made it all — also created your story.

Yes — in all this madness.
His love is what makes us new.

In all this sadness.
His heart gives us the strength to make it through.

Before the foundations of this earth.
He knew you and loved you.

Remember that always.
N know that he completely adores you.

Even when you make mistakes.
He will never leave you and always stand by you.

It’s just the way he is, always and constant.
Ready to catch, care and put his hands around you.

To make sure you’re not touched.
His love completely sustains.

I cannot promise wealth or money.
I can guarantee that he will help you through the pain.

Your mother and I might do wrong by you.
Ah. But he will always stand by you.

I promise we will always try to love you.
But our methods might not always be right.

Through his love and presence in our life though.
It’ll always become right.

Now remember that we love you.
N nothing can change that fact.

But also know that he loves you more.
Yup — he loves you more than that.

Who is this person that can love you more than your mom and I?

Well he is the one that has made it all.
Made you. Made your mom, and made me.

In his image we were created.
In his love we find purity.

In his life, we find acceptance.
Repentance and ultimate satisfaction.

Not money. Not romance.
Nope — the complete wholeness you get in his reaction.

Now my son.
Know that he is God.

Creator of it all.
He has no rival.

But understand that he is love.
Jesus. Abba father.

The one who brings it all. Makes it all. 
N puts it together to make some sense.

I love you, although I haven’t met you.
Now I understand Abba’s love.

Now I understand the extent and depth of his beauty.

N I cannot wait to see you in your unique, amazing, perfection.

that is made with his love, in his image!
With his utmost affection!!!

Love your (emotional) Dad.

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