How to learn or develop your sales skills

I’ve been in sales more than twenty years.

Had my own sales office and I’ve worked for a few well known multinationals, handling customers from different sizes and countries, with a variety of requirements, complexities and demands.

Out of that journey all I can say it, a long term sales career is like a marriage. You build it up based on trust, complicity, curiosity, passion, love and doubts to embrace a project or vision. You don’t always know the way or how to get there, but you know where you’re heading. As Simon Sinek says, it’s about the “why”, not the “what”, not the “how”. At least, not in first place. So don’t expect it to be easy, fast and with quick big returns. It will be ramping up, with ups and downs, and at times with generous returns. But it’s an extremely fruitful and rewarding experience that will fulfil your life not only at professional but also at personal level.

If you’d like to learn more about sales or you wonder if you have what it takes to embrace or develop further your career in sales, I just published three sales courses, some available in my own website and also at UDEMY platform and during the promotion phase I’m willing to offer some of my readers free lifetime access to those courses.

So please find below the course links with the coupon codes so you can have access without paying a dime.

Ø The 5 main skills of top sales rep (the basic pillars or the role)


Ø Selling value instead of price (moving from pricing to add value discussions)


Ø Sales Masterclass how to deal with modern buyers


I just have one favour to ask. I would appreciate if you can rate and give feedback on the portal. You don’t need to attend the whole course to do so, I’m sure after a bit you’ll see what it’s worth. You’re feedback is extremely valuable as it will help me improve future courses (content or presentation).

Another good news, you can share those links and codes with some friends that you think may be interested on the topic.

Sales skills isn’t a one time learning. Like many areas in our lives, it’s a lively exercise. Don’t stop learning, don’t stop being curious. Technology for instance is having an impact in the shape of the role. But it must be seen as a tool and ally, not as a threat.

See you one of these days on the road or at a customer!