22 weeks and 3 days

I looked great today. And I don’t always feel that way, especially nowadays when my gut hangs out from under my regular t-shirts. Mark invited me to a work brunch thing and I wore my new Old Navy drawstring pants (sexy) and Madewell flats, curled my hair, and slapped on some makeup. I felt pretty. And yes, it was a total sausage fest and I was a little worried that I was out of place, but I think I made up for being the only woman with good conversation. I hope… I think… either way, Mark is bringing some cookies I baked as a final “thanks for inviting me to your shindig”.

I recently went on a shoe shopping spree. I looked at my wedges, heeled sandals, and buckled sandals, and knew that I can’t wear them this season. Slipping on shoes is such a chore that I bought d’orsay flats, slip-on sandals and Birkenstocks. Yes girl, Birkenstocks.

Madewell Thea sandal, Madewell d’orsay flat, Birkenstocks Gizeh

I really needed a pick me up, especially after receiving news that it is pretty much official that I’m stuck at my current job until after the delivery. It’s a long story, but I need to stay at my current job so I have health insurance. I adore all of my beautiful flats and sandals. When I buy several shoes at once, I like to line them up in the closet and look at them like candy displayed in those old fashioned glass jars. I dropped about $200+ on a bunch of pregnant-friendly clothes at Old Navy, so it’s nice to add some semi-luxury accessories to my summer pregnancy wardrobe.

My new obsession is Birkenstocks. The long journey I endured for a pair of these fuckers is worth a detailed blog post alone, but basically, it took me 2 months to get these damn shoes. During those two months, I researched and googled and looked at Instagram photos and read forums and about every detail on these shoes. I’m still breaking them in, but I’ve already become a huge advocate. I’m thinking about going back to the store and buying a pair of sandals for Mark, and if I really enjoy this pair, I may buy a pair for my mom. They’re the perfect “I don’t give a shit today” shoes, which is perfect for someone like Mark. Mark looks like a straight up homeless person who raided the closet of a nerd: faded out shorts, oversized shirts, and the same Converse he wears everyday except now he doesn’t have jeans to hide his dorky white socks that peek over his shoes. The man doesn’t own a pair of sandals. Why? How can you not own a pair of sandals when you’ve lived in the South for almost 10 years?

Anyway, to all the pregnant ladies out there — invest in some Birkenstocks. Buy a pair of black ones to wear with anything when you’re tired and you have to go to work at 7am. Buy them at a store where you can try them on, perferably a Birkenstocks store or one that specializes in Birkenstocks. You’re going to need a sales associate to tell you what size you should wear. And then wear them around the house for the first couple of days to soften them up. And then break them in while you swish coconut oil in your mouth… yep, I did that today. What kind of person have I become?

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