The Books we read…

Sometimes I choose the people I talk to by the type of books they read, Like their choices determine who they are. Sometimes I feel that we do not show enough of ourselves or our true selves to actually make a correct choice when it comes to picking friends or people we open up to.

Opening up to someone can be a scary thing and it is not always easy to do! I introduce myself, ask what their hobbies are if I have nothing in common I stay polite and move on if they enjoy reading I take interest in this and begin to question which authors are their favorite and which books they love now or loved growing up.

This has helped me in the past as before I started doing this I found one good person in every ten or rather found someone who suited me in every ten. Being shy it is not always easy making friends and put on top of that the fact that they might not be a good person who could use and abuse you it really is a hard life.

Try this I find anyone who has similar interests and enjoys laughing and does not take themselves too seriously tend to be good people and make pretty good friends.