5 Habits of Highly Motivated People

With the new year comes New Years resolutions. Those goals 40% of us set for ourselves but only 8% will actually reach (Forbes magazine). What do those 8% know that the rest of us don’t? How do some people wake up motivated to conquer the day while the rest of us have broken our resolutions before Times Square can be cleaned up? Here are 5 habits of highly motivated people.

  1. Highly motivated people regularly self evaluate. Listen to them and you will hear a common theme, they think about themselves A LOT. They are not conceited at all, rather they recognize the need to evaluate themselves and what internally is propelling them or holding them back. We have all heard of the fear of failure, but few people actually do the work to determine where it lies within us. Every one of us has internal struggles that keep us where we are and prevent us from attaining our goals, without the self evaluation those struggles will quietly yet decisively keep us from reaching our full potential.
  2. Highly motivated people set goals that are their own. In the process of self evaluation they determine what is it that they truly want, not what society or others have told them they should want. If your goal this year is to get that promotion, but the truth is you really like the job you already have, then you have set a goal you will never be motivated to attain. It seems silly to think that any of us would set goals for things that we don’t truly want, yet we do it all the time. Society, our friends, and our families are huge influences on where we set our targets.
  3. Highly motivated people set well defined goals. Setting a goal of “be healthy” is one that can never be attained. When you set a goal that is not defined you set yourself up for failure before you even start. What is “be healthy”? How is that achieved? When will you have reached it? Setting a goal with clear definitions allows us to succeed and feel the motivation that comes from those successes.
  4. Highly motivated people set exciting goals! If the goal does not excite you when you write it down chances are you will never reach it. By simply changing the wording of a goal you can take it from a chore to something you can’t wait to accomplish. Take for instance growing your business. What would motivate you more, “I want to grow my business” or “I want to grow my business by $100,000 so that I can take my spouse on that dream vacation to Bora Bora and lounge on the beach for a week without a worry.” ? They are the same goal yet one elicits a feeling. That feeling is what will propel you into motivation.
  5. Highly motivated people surround themselves with similar minded people. Turns out when Mom told you that you would become like your friends she was right. Excitement breeds excitement and mediocrity breeds mediocrity. People who are excited about their lives and working towards their goals, will not only share their excitement with you but are also going to be able to share tips and tricks they learn along the way.

There has never been a time when success was so easily found. The internet has opened the entire world to all of us. Success is the there for the taking if only you have the motivation to go after it!