Should Ebay sellers be on Snapchat?

Should Ebay sellers be using Snapchat to promote their businesses? I know a lot of Ebay sellers are not even aware of Snapchat, much less on it. Snapchat is a mobile social media site that is quickly becoming the go to place for all social media. Admittedly it is a little harder to get the hang of versus Twitter or Instagram. Instead of swiping up and down like we are use to this app is left, right and diagonal. If you are confused about how to use the app there are lots of great youtube videos. I firmly believe it is worth the effort to learn the platform. Snapchat has the attention of the Millennials and if we want to see our businesses succeed for the next 5, 10, even 20 years we are going to have to convince the next generation that they should be spending their money with us.

A quick look at Snapchat will tell you that you probably aren’t going to sell a product directly from the platform, although I do think that this a possibility. Don’t let that dissuade you from utilizing Snapchat or any other social media platform. Think bigger than selling one cool, rare item. Start thinking about bringing in an entire new generation of buyers. It shouldn’t be about selling that one item today, it should be about how will I sell 1000 items this year. If your entire focus is on selling one item your growth will be slow and tedious if you can open your focus to growing a business that will last, you can see exponential growth.

I would like to challenge the general thinking of how Ebay sellers use social media. Social media in my opinion should not be just about selling your product, it should be about growing the brand of Ebay and the lifestyle that selling on Ebay can allow you. As many of us are aware the brand of Ebay has taken a hit over the last few years and we can not sit back and lay the blame for that solely on the shoulders of the decision makers at Ebay. How many of us have used social media to share the great deals we have purchased on Ebay? How many of us have shared across social media channels the things we were able to afford thanks to Ebay? In the adverse how many posts are made through Facebook, Twitter and various other internet sites that are overly negative about Ebay. If we all stand back and watch these posts and say nothing we hurt our own businesses. If Ebay fails, we all fail with it.

Snapchat is an amazing platform to share with the next generation how great reselling can be. We have the opportunity to show people how great Ebay is, it isn’t perfect but the life it provides is pretty close! If we can convince the next generation to start selling on Ebay, they will also start buying there. We need a fresh influx of buyers and this is the way we get them. As seasoned Ebay sellers we are the only ones qualified to sing the praises of Ebay. If an executive comes out and says they are making changes to better the site, it only goes so far with the general public. If actual users of the site start saying it, and saying it in places that have the attention of the next generation, positive change will occur. If all the next generation hears is the negative we all are doomed to failure.

If you would like to follow us on Snapchat we will give you a backstage pass into the life of full time Ebay resellers. You can find us there under the ID amazingtaste1. Hope to connect with you across all social media platforms as we build our businesses together.

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