I’m Too Nice

I get told this a lot on a personal level at times and also professionally. What is too nice? Is it something bad, is it wrong? When I am told this it seems more of like I am lacking something that makes me unsuccessful — whatever! I feel a lot of people around me mistake my “niceness” for weakness. For me, yes a I am “nice” — I am not weak but I am nice. See, that is what is, when I am told I am being too nice it’s their way of saying it is a sign of weakness.

What those people seem to fail at is empathy, I don’t need to be more stern in terms of being mean, I don’t need to be an asshole, I don’t need to be not nice — I know how I should feel and I know how I should react to situations because I UNDERSTAND. Yes, I get angry or mad but that does not make me loose my sense of self being nor does it make me not understand you. I stay calm and I make concrete decisions based on the situation at hand and by experience. I take all the tangibles and intangibles in mind and make the best of it — because I UNDERSTAND.

That all it takes from small to big companies, you just need to purely understand. It is not that difficult, it may seem that way — because you don’t understand.

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