Embrace‬ ‪the‬ ‪Metaphysical‬

Everything is a blur.

Space and time don’t actually exist.
 (Don’t take my word for it.
 Check out what scientists have to say about it.)
 So, everything is a blur….just like this picture.

Embrace‬ ‪the‬ ‪Metaphysical‬ - Ambal Balakrishnan

The ups and downs.
 The comings and goings.
 The success and failures.
 It is all a blur.

Sometimes, the boys go and fail miserably.
 Sometimes, the boys go forth and conquer.

Sometimes, I am in the front.
 Walking fast.
 Shining light.
 Clearing the rubble.
 Leading the way.

But, mostly, I am in the back.
 Capturing pictures….like this blurred one.
 Waiting to catch them….just, in case they fall behind or fall hard.

It is one heck of a ride….even, if it is a damn blurred one without boundaries of space or time.
 So, I embrace the #metaphysical ride and give it my all with the full understanding that it is all a blur.

For whatever it is worth.
 For however long it will last.
 And, whatever form it is in.

What about YOU?

Originally published at Ambal’s Amusings.

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