On Work Life Blend

We all seek to find balance amongst our various responsibilities.
 It is easier said than done.

My colleague Anne and I caught up after work hours on Monday.
 Anne thanked me for always being available to her.
 I told her this — “Anne, Yep! I am always available to you. Because, over the years, I have learnt there is no such thing as work life balance for me. There is ONLY work life blend.” Anne agreed with me and appreciated my observation.

I have all kinds of asks of myself and my life.
 For example, I don’t believe in not showing up to one the boys concert during work hours.
 I also don’t believe in not working after I get back home because there should be supposedly be clear boundaries between work and life.

Given the contradictory asks that I have of myself and my life, I do what works for me.
 I huddle with my colleagues both during and after work hours to make progress on projects.
 I start meetings early or leave late during weekdays…whatever works on that day.
 I gain permission (by building trust) to reach colleagues when I have to.
 I give colleagues permission to call me when they have to.
 I routinely pour over work stuff during the weekends.

I also show up to most of the boys events….even if it means showing up a few minutes late.
 The boys are elated to see me when I rush in to a peformance hall and wave my hand crazily at them.
 I want them to know that I am always there to cheer and support them.
 I want them to know that they are very important to me….and I’ll always show up…no matter what the odds.

In my current state of life, given my varying responsibilities, there can’t be clear boundaries between work and life.
 If I want to be able to be a parent and an employee, I can’t balance…I need to blend.

Whether it is work life balance or work life blend…you do what is right for YOU.
 It will all work out eventually!

Originally published at Ambal’s Amusings.