The Mindset to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

When I was very young, Thatha (Granpda TVS) told me that if a man is free of 3 greeds, he can live a happy live:

1. poon (love for gold — also means love for money and other good things in life

2. pen (lust for a woman or man, in the case of a woman)

3. maan (greed for land)

He told me that if I live a greed-less life…then, I’ll have the time and mindset to enjoy the things that life actually has to offer.

Lil things…like the intricate and delicate cobweb on a tree, a ray of sunlight, the laughter of a child….or the beautiful blue skies.

As the days pass me by, my adoration for Thatha steadily increases.

He was such a wise old man. I bet your Grandpa was a wise old man too.

I know he is watching me from those beautiful blue skies and saying “Atta Girl!”

Originally published at Ambal’s Amusings.

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