Strong as Steel

Metalsmithing has been a basic function of society for centuries. Artisans have passed down their knowledge of this trade to their sons and daughters. This knowledge has developed into a booming industry and allowed us to build enormous structures beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors.

Metals range from chromium (hardest) to lead and tin (softest). However, the most common metals used for the purpose of making art are copper, bronze and brass, iron and steel, and silver. While copper is one of prettiest metals, iron is believed to be the tenth most abundant element in the universe. This makes iron a very widely used material in large structures.

There is something thrilling about using heat and hammers to shape an otherwise unbending material. It is not an art form for the weak or faint of heart. When shaping metal I get a sense of the power the old metalsmiths must have had. The strike of hammer against raw metal against anvil becomes a rhythmic second nature. Metalsmith becomes one with the process. Because of the strength and abundance of metal this art form will continue to evolve and flourish with humanity.

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