Detransitioning: A Missing Perspective

Since transgender people and our issues have become more transparent in the past few years, detransition has become a talking point often used to criticized trans people. While it is true that detransitioning is a thing that happens, the larger context is often lost in forming a narrative meant to discredit us.

Since the 1980’s, the medical community at large has failed to understand us. They’ve attempted to understand dysphoria and gender without understanding the people. They’ve seen us as a science project, often subjecting us to unethical or even perverse practices to try to confirm their own theories. Ask anyone who transitioned in the 80’s and 90’s and the experience of transitioning is completely different than it is today.

While the medical community is moving away from quacks like Kenneth Zucker, they are still woefully behind. Missing from today’s medical expertise is non-binary trans people. The medical community still sees gender as a binary issue; male and female. This is incorrect, and as a result it harms people who fall outside this fictitious binary.

Gender is not binary. By pushing a binary transition onto trans individuals; it is like trying to fit a triangle into a square slot. Gender is a very personal experience, a journey that is unique to every person. There is no one path to transitioning and understanding your gender. Gender should not be seen as the destination but the journey.

This is what is missing around the discussion of transgender issues in the media. There is no set path or destination. Forcing a person to take a path based on your interpretation of what transgender should look like is no different or less harmful than forcing an assigned gender at birth.

Failing to look at the non-binary is looking at an incomplete picture. It’s like only reading the first chapter of a thirty chapter epic. When taking the numbers of detransitions into account; one must also weigh that with how binary gender paths are pushed down our throats by the current discourse. Not that detransition can’t be part of a normal and healthy gender journey; but often seen in detransition stories is a sense of coercion; a lack of options besides male and female; transitioning from one to the other and never finding satisfaction in either.

Gender is not a straight path. Gender is not a binary. It is a journey, a personal and unique experience for each person. Your gender is valid; your journey is valid; you are valid.

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