The Fan-First Budgeting Tool

Amber Horsburgh
Nov 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Spending marketing $$$ where it counts

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Just like a DJ structures a set-list for the party’s mood, structuring a marketing budget around the audience is critical to keep the party going.

Patterns in music consumption change all the time and it is important that those changes be reflected in where money is spent to market music, which is why I’ve created an ‘fan-first’ budgeting tool that puts the audience at the center of marketing.

The Fan-First Budgeting Tool reflects 2017’s US recorded music revenue across streaming, downloads, physical sales, and video, trends in video viewership and platforms, media effectiveness, and social media influence from ComScore Entertainment Media Analysis, RIAA Mid-Year Revenue Statistics, Nielsen Mid-Year Music Report, Next Big Sound, Subscription Service Growth via Statista (Apple, Spotify), and IFPI Global Music Report 2017.

Genre is the strongest variable that defines music listenership so the allocation of resources towards elements of the marketing mix must change between R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, and Electronic/Dance projects.

Add the spreadsheet to your Google Drive → HERE.

For a deeper dive, read about hip-hop budgeting for rapper, Yung Lean → HERE

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Example of a hip-hop project marketing budget. Download the editable Fan-First Budgeting Tool → HERE

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