December Birthdays

Having a December birthday is not all it’s cracked up to be. When I tell people that I have a December birthday, the first thing I hear is how “lucky” I am. Many people like to assume that because my birthday is so close to Christmas, I end up getting a lot more presents. Contrary to belief, I get a smaller amount of presents. Mostly so it can balance out for my birthday and Christmas. However, I don’t really care about presents. It just hurts that people forget about my birthday.

I have 4 people in my family that have birthdays in December — including myself. My birthday is on the 12th, my grandfather’s is on the 17th, and my cousin, Danny’s birthday is on December 31st. My nephew, Connor has his birthday on Christmas Day. Which is actually the worst out of all of our birthdays. Connor is going to be 11 years old this year. He is still young enough to appreciate having birthday parties with his friends. Having a birthday party on Christmas day is out of the question. Christmas is a time to be with one’s family. Many people during the weeks before Christmas go off to visit family. Connor has to have a birthday party — not just for his friends, but for the majority of the family as well — a month before hand. Having it in November can also be troublesome, because of Thanksgiving. Connor has never been able to celebrate his birthday properly, because Christmas ends up outshining his special day. Which is completely unfair to him. His birthday should be as equally important as Christmas.

It’s not just his birthday that they forget. It’s all of our birthdays. By the time December rolls around, people are thinking about the holidays. Getting gifts, having Christmas dinner, and spending time with family. They don’t think about birthdays. Honestly, I don’t really like getting gifts. I like giving, instead of receiving. All I really ask for is, for people not to forget my birthday. All I ask for, is for people to look at me and say “Happy Birthday”. Especially without having to be told time and time again.

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