Your Product is one piece of your success—is your product marketing website pulling it’s weight? A UX Audit and 10 key take aways.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of product websites lately. My company recently completed the acquisition of a design firm in Boulder and the merger of two additional firms in Salt Lake City. …

Productivity is all about the most efficient use of time in the moment — set up your Apple Watch for the most meaningful displays of time.

Productivity is all about managing time—our most personally important non-renewable resource. No matter what hacks, systems, or beliefs you have about productivity—it’s all about time management.

I resisted getting an Apple Watch for several generations, but now I’m a convert and after several experiments, I’ve landed on an ideal configuration…

No tips or tricks, just the plan for getting the hard work done. No recipes or milestones or new habits. Just the simple cold truth that you need to get 👏 it 👏 done 👏. At the end of the article is the list you can copy to jump start your portfolio update.

I know you are cringing. I am too. It’s time for me as well. Here is our action plan to get our portfolio updated.

You know how it goes from a fleeting thought (I should update it) to some actual intent (I’m going to get it updated soon) to procrastination…

I’m pretty lucky. I’ve accomplished most of my goals. I have a great marriage and a successful business that we grew out of nothing. I have good health and incredible friends and family. I’m fairly happy just living my daily life. I also have the mental health demons that many…

Amber Sawaya

Design Agency Partner • 40 Under 40; I write about design/UX, the state of design and tech, startups, joy, & productivity. 🖤☕️📓👩🏼‍💻🏴‍☠️

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