Your Product is one piece of your success—is your product marketing website pulling it’s weight? A UX Audit and 10 key take aways.

Product Website Hero Shot

Fine-tune your processes so you can capture more work. Updated July 2021.

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  • Sales pipeline management
  • Proposal process
  • Contract review

Sales pipeline management

Productivity is all about the most efficient use of time in the moment — set up your Apple Watch for the most meaningful displays of time.

Ideal Apple Watch Configuration

My Apple Watch: Day of the Week; Day of the Month; Time of day; Timer; Jellyfish.

Risks to watch out for and opportunities to snag

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Google Theme Homepage with Chrome Inspector

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No tips or tricks, just the plan for getting the hard work done. No recipes or milestones or new habits. Just the simple cold truth that you need to get 👏 it 👏 done 👏. At the end of the article is the list you can copy to jump start your portfolio update.

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Amber Sawaya

Design Agency Partner • 40 Under 40; I write about design/UX, the state of design and tech, startups, joy, & productivity. 🖤☕️📓👩🏼‍💻🏴‍☠️

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