3 predictions for the gambling business in 2019

Amber Schutz
Mar 15, 2019 · 4 min read

All casinos, both online and ordinary, need to evolve in order to survive. Based on this truth, poker, slots, and blackjack are transferred to mobile phones, and just this factor should take the industry to a new level and not allow it to become only a chapter in the history of the gambling business.

But what can we expect from gambling in 2019?

Innovators have already turned their attention to virtual reality helmets such as the HTC Vive regarding them a way of combining different worlds of online and offline casinos (especially when it comes to social opportunities). But VR is still a new technology and is unlikely to become mainstream until second or third generation devices appear, and headset prices will not decrease too. For this reason, VR was not included in the list of influential inventions.

Here are some casino predictions for the upcoming year.

1. Expect more games that require advanced skills.

This may sound like a cynical joke but in most casino games such as slot machines, the player doesn’t need special knowledge — everything happens on a whim. Some people just enjoy watching the vagaries of fate. However, the more technology is developed, the less it remains to rely on fate.

The casino has a lot to learn from video games, especially old-fashioned arcades (such as Space Invaders) and modern shooters like Call of Duty. The first ones are already functioning as a gaming option at Royal Vegas, one of Canada’s most beloved casinos, under the guise of the simple adventure games Max Damage and the Alien Attack.

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This is not just a frivolous movement. Young gamblers prefer skill-based games. The older generation of fans of slot machines will soon be replaced.

2. Payment methods in the niche are gaining momentum

Casino is a strange industry. Players can find both a brand that offers every payment method that exists under the sun, and one that accepts only Visa and MasterCard. However, support of additional payment options is a great way to get new customers on board. In the end, people will not be able to use Bitcoin (a new type of digital money) in certain casinos if the cryptocurrency payment is not supported.

Given the current state of affairs, casinos will eventually be forced to work with Bitcoin, at least in order to stand out in an overflowed market. There are still very few gambling establishments operating with this currency, so for large operators, this is definitely a great opportunity to attract new players who prefer a more complex gaming environment.

Even ignoring Bitcoin, companies can diversify their payment structure by simply working with PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, which allow customers to make deposits in their currency.

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3. Live dealers are becoming more popular.

In the issue of attracting new players to the institution, live dealers play a leading role, since it is they who bring the social element into the game and can become mentors for beginners. Such dealers are far from being new in gambling, although the idea is still new enough to bring improvements to it in the upcoming year.

For example, some casinos, especially those ones operating in the European countries and Canada, limit their capabilities severely by the fact that their live dealers are not able to serve players in the right languages ​​in their time zones. Companies that offer three native speakers with different schedules will already be able to support a much larger audience than the only Englishman in the United States.

Live dealers should be more than just staff playing with visitors.

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Probably, the brightest casino will spend 2019 actively using technologies and trends that have been supported in this area up to the present. The integration of virtual reality is still a distant dream given the weak offer that players were content with last year. But the domination of technology can be much closer than we think.

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