Gods of intellects and creativity:

From the beginning people know the importance of intellection, knowledge and creativity and that’s why from almost most of the societies have their god of intellection and creativity, following are the list of gods of intellection, creativity and knowledge and we hope we have cover all of the almighty gods:

  1. Amaterasu of the Japanese;
  2. Amun and Horus for the Egyptians;
  3. Apollo for the people of Troy;
  4. eponymous Assur for the Assyrians;
  5. Asherah for the Sidonians;
  6. eponymous Athena-Mykene for the Athenians and Mycenaeans;
  7. Baal for the Tyrians;
  8. Chemosh for the Moabites;
  9. Dagon for Philistia;
  10. Huitzilopochtli of the Tenochtitlan Aztecs;
  11. Indra for the Vedic Indians;
  12. Itzamna for the Mayas;
  13. Marduk for the Babylonians;
  14. Mars and eponymous Romulus-Quirinus for the Romans;
  15. Ninsusinak for the Elamites;
  16. Qos for the Edomites;
  17. Tengri for the Turks;
  18. Teshub for the Hittites;
  19. Yahweh for the Judaeans and Samarians;
  20. Zalmoxis for the Dacians.

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