How teachers are using Social media for education!

Social media has been criticised for being the evil of the society which is bringing a lot Of hatred, negativity and time waster and an addiction.

But there is a positive side of social media as well,

We asked various teachers and educators and we found some productive insights as how they are using the social media for education:

1) Caroline Milen ( Binghamton University)

I teach an undergraduate and graduate course at Binghamton University (SUNY) called Leadership and Communication for the Modern Educator. I focus on personal development and how it relates to professional development. I understand the value of social media in general, and our hashtags (#EDUC444LACFTME, #EDUC544LACFTME, #PrescriptionforExcusitis, #444FightSongFriday) and my Instagram page all enable me to reach the majority of my students every day, even when we don’t have class. I’ll post infographics or musings related to our course content every morning during the semester (and often during breaks). They have been much more engaged with the content since I started doing this more formally after my first semester of teaching in 2015, and it has been a great way for alumni to keep in touch with newer students. The best part is getting to publicly praise students’ projects or when they step outside of their comfort zones (singing their “fight songs” in front of their classmates to overcome fears of public speaking, for example).

I’m currently working on revising my Instagram to maintain a more consistent brand, expanding into other networks to reach the rest of my students, and transitioning my course online and opening it up to the public so that I can reach more interested people.

Twitter: @cdmillen87

Instagram: @cdmillen87

Facebook: @bingtlel

2) Melissa Webb (Write On!)

I’m a credentialed teacher who has successfully used three social media platforms this past year with my elementary and middle school students within my school setting as well as within my online businesssupporting homeschooled students..

EDMODO – A great classroom or small group platform where students can share ideas with one another. (It reminds me of Facebook, but a kid’s version.) It provides a small, safe environment with plenty of privacy settings to put a parent’s mind at ease. With my upcoming Summer Book Club, I plan to use this platform. Any hour of any day, students can post a thought or reaction to the chapters we are reading. Parents appreciate it because they know it provides a safe space. Kids love it, too.

CLASS DOJO – What a fun platform this was! It was my first year using this social network with my students. It provided an excellent opportunity to post pictures of all we were doing in class. Parents are connected as well (if they choose). By the end of the year, we had an incredible photographic timeline of the entire year. This worked very well when our final digital project was using Google Slides to create a Memory Book. Students loved seeing their pictures post! (This platform also provides some awesome teacher tools for class management.)

ZOOM – And, finally, ZOOM! This has to be my personal favorite. We held many small group sessions this year in my Zoom space. I worked with both parents and students. This personal platform allows me to ignore the barriers often created by city location or transportation issues. Students can just show up from the comfort of their own home, meet with many other peers their own age, and learn and grow with one another.

3) Vanky Kenny Kataria

1.For keeping myself updated about what is happening in the world, I love using Twitter.It helps me never miss the most discussed or red-hot topics in the world currently. It educates me about the trending and current topics in the world.

2.Secondly,I use linkedin to inspire and motivate by bringing a new perspective to failures. I also do interviews with people like Jason Feifer, Editor In Chief of Entrepreneur magazine and shared his secrets to success with my network on LinkedIn. I do this to educate me and my network about various aspects and principles of success and forever motivation.

4) Melissa Meade

No one realizes that you can get education on LinkedIn for free. We are talking Microsoft Office classes, Six Sigma classes, Self-Development Courses, Management Courses, Writing Courses, Social Media courses, and so on.

People pay so much money when you can learn it for free. You even get a certificate and the skills get added to your profile by LinkedIn, making the skills more legitimate. Instead of paying $3,000 at a local college, I took 20 hours of LinkedIn Learning and got to work at my own pace and practice in privacy. I am a huge proponent of it and wish more people knew about it and utilized it. If you have a premium membership, you get exercise files, but the class is offered for free memberships as well. Their content is fascinating because they are partnered with

They also give you recommended books to read and extra resources if you want to take your learning and development further.

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