Dynamic Patterns of Health

Introducing AmbreHealth and ‘Dynamic Pattern Analysis’

4 min readMar 24, 2017

AmbreHealth is a predictive analytics company. We capture dynamic pictures of your health (“amber moments”) and identify patterns associated with health, disease, and therapeutic outcomes. We have developed an innovative software technology solution that we use to address several persistent health care problems.

Astounding patterns exist all around us. Our favorite are those formed by the thousands of starlings that gather every evening at dusk to murmurate. Each moment produces a pattern more beautiful than the last. Have a look for yourself.

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Attacks by predatory birds cause the flock to shift and recombine to avoid danger. At the same time, each individual starling does their best to follow a set of inherent proximity rules. Their collective behavior produces nonlinear patterns that are greater than the sum of each individual starling — a classic example of a complex adaptive system.

Many of the same principles apply to the regulation of human health. Your heart, your most vital organ, murmurates just like the starlings you see at dusk. Don’t believe me? Check out these murmurating heart rate patterns from a healthy person…

Healthy Heart Rate Murmuration

The heart rate patterns you see are the result of cardiovascular responses to common physiological challenges. Do you see how the ‘flock’ is coordinated and stays close together? Just like the starlings, it possesses dynamic behavior that contribute to similar magnificent pattern formations.

This is what health looks like.

Built-in physiological rules determine health. Those rules bend when constantly challenged by disease-like conditions. Consider chronic heart failure (CHF) as an example. CHF is a condition where the heart fails to pump sufficient amounts of blood throughout the body. Because the heart is failing, the body must find ways to compensate. These compensations have both a direct and indirect affect on heart rate control. Watch how differently heart rate murmurations behave for a patient with CHF.

Chronic Heart Failure Heart Rate Murmuration

For people living with CHF normal cardiovascular challenges result in very specific patterns. The flock is persistently challenged and unstable— just as the starlings were when attacked by predatory birds.

This is what disease looks like.

Regulation of heart rate is a critical function in maintaining health as you may have already surmised. Quick, coordinated adjustments must constantly be made. Now watch the heart rate murmurations in a patient with atrial fibrillation (AFib) — an arrhythmic condition where heart rate regulation is compromised.

Atrial Fibrillation Heart Rate Murmuration

The flock rules are broken with AFib. Consequently, the flock patterns are random and uncoordinated. Distinct, huh?

This is what disease looks like.

Examining visually stunning murmurations is entertaining but it’s only qualitative. Enter AmbreHealth. We have developed a software technology that quantifies the unique nonlinear patterns found in different types of health data. We call this innovative technology Dynamic Pattern Analysis (DPA). We have developed several DPA product applications to assist your physician in improving sleep and cardiovascular health care.

DPA-CHF (chronic heart failure)

CHF imposes tremendous burdens across the healthcare spectrum. Most affected are those individuals experiencing physical limitations everyday as a result of undiagnosed CHF. To make matters worse, CHF can be a difficult to diagnose condition. It’s almost impossible for physicians to detect very early-stage CHF and then initiate the preventative therapy that some individuals desperately need.

DPA-CHF analyzes nonlinear heart rate patterns while you sleep and assigns a CHF risk score. This helps you and your physician screen for the earliest signs of CHF, intervene with the proper therapy, and improve your health!

DPA-AFIB (atrial fibrillation)

AFib is a serious condition where the atria of the heart contract erratically. The normal impulses regulating heart muscle contractions are lost. As a result blood does not pump through the heart in an effective manner. When backup mechanisms fail to compensate, individuals with AFib may experience life-threatening cardiovascular events such as a stroke.

DPA-AFIB analyzes nonlinear heart rate patterns while you sleep and assigns an AFIB risk score. After reviewing your screening results, you and your physician can decide on the proper intervention before the condition worsens!

DPA-PAP (positive airway pressure)

PAP is used to treat sleep apnea. It helps many sleep apnea sufferers feel better. Unfortunately, 50% of all PAP users stop using their device after 1-year. PAP devices can be complicated, cumbersome, and disruptive.

DPA-PAP analyzes nonlinear patterns in PAP device data specific to users struggling with compliance. Rather than intervening after it’s too late, DPA-PAP enables specific proactive intervention strategies that allow PAP users to get back on the right track!

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