How I Soylent
Jeff Novich

Ambronite cofounder here. We just launched our new, fifth version of our Supermeal last week (October 2016) and we have fixed the taste and texture points you mentioned. Also, we’ve updated and lowered our shipping prices since the review.

The new version is delicious and all real-foods based. Here are some of our reviews:

“Ambronite v5 doesn’t just take over me hunger. I notice myself craving for it because it simply tastes so delicious!!”
- Sami Tallberg

“The new version 5 — which I just had for breakfast in Beijing airport yesterday — has an even better taste than before. I’ll never leave home without a bag in my bag.”
- Marcus O., travelling vegetarian

“For me, the newest v5 version of Ambronite is the best yet! Elevated, elegant and effortless in its flavour, texture and simplicity in user experience”
- Vivi Brooke, gourmet enthusiast

-Simo, Cofounder at Ambronite

PS. You can grab a sample here with free global shipping.