by Lorenzo Tavazzi, Head of Scenario practice for The European House — Ambrosetti, and Cetti Lauteta, The European House — Ambrosetti Consultant and Project Coordinator of the “Liguria 2022” initiative

A number of recent events — such as the fires in vast areas of southern Italy, Portugal and California, the disastrous floods in Latin America and China and the earthquakes which in recent years have put the regions of central Italy to the test — have forcefully reiterated the need to prepare models and tools to preserve, monitor and defend local areas and mitigate environmental risk in order to safeguard…

The goal of this study, presented during the 43rd edition of our Forum “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy”, was to analyze the current scenario and future impacts of automation on the Italian job market, as a way to provide support to public and private sector decision-makers with estimates and forecasts that could be a starting point in the decision-making process and planning of initiatives on a technical and political level.

To make Italy able to seize the opportunities offered by automation and innovation and create new jobs with high value added, choices must be made in orther to…

Impacts on Italy and its industrial value chain: Italy’s Agenda

This study, undertaken in collaboration with ENEL and presented during the 43rd “Intelligence on the World, Europe, and Italy” forum, assesses the scope and impact that could be activated on the e-Mobility industrial supply chain. On the basis of the mapping of international best practices and analysis of the state-of-the-art in Italy and its regions, the study provides a number of lines of action that would allow the nation to successfully take part in this revolution.

To guide Italy’s transition towards e-Mobility, it is important to understand the point the country starts out from. This is what prompted our consultants…

What really matters in the fashion market? Product comes first, together with designers’ genius, communication talent and omnichannel reach.

Storytelling the brand is crucial; but also storytelling the Supply Chain is fundamental so that customers and potential investors fully appreciate the value inside fashion products.

What really matters in the fashion market?

Product comes first, together with designers’ genius, communication talent and omnichannel reach.

All this would not work, nor generate growth and margins, is not supported by a Supply Chain able to transform new ideas into excellent products and enable effective omnichannel distribution, adapting to an everyday changing market with evolving geographies.

The Supply Chain is the key for taking advantage of the brand heritage (as for “made…

The sentiment indicators of The European House — Ambrosetti Club regarding the current economic situation and prospects for the job market indicate a slight deterioration, and confirm that the Italian economy is not actually able to accelerate or, at least, keep up with the other economies in the Eurozone.

Investment has begun once again

As I said in a previous article in Il Sole 24 Ore: Italy is still on a “scooter”, not a full-fledged motorcycle!.

For the last three years, we have been experiencing slow growth. During that time, some positive economic statistics were released which gave rise to hopes that it would accelerate…

It is completely horizontal and involves, without distinction, business, government, cities, energy, etc. Italy is being asked to accelerate this phase of transformation in order to become an active part of a process of change that appears to be irreversible, and threatens to broaden the productivity and technology gap between Italy and its benchmark neighbors, Germany and France.

At the heart of the new Industry 4.0, in which flexibility, speed and ability to continuously produce innovation become the true factors of competitive advantage, not only for individual companies and organizations, but the country and its economy as a whole.


Innovation is not optional, it is the only possible road to growth for Italy.

In fact, at present, the life sciences sector is highly-fragmented, consisting of numerous public entities involved to various degrees in supporting and promoting research and innovation, but whose missions often overlap and, therefore, are not easy to differentiate between.

The starting point for effective research planning and, therefore, overcoming this hyper-fragmentation, must be the creation of an industrial strategy with long-term goals to ensure the best possible integration of available resources and allow Italy to make the most of its areas of excellence and become more…

Communication is becoming increasingly relevant and central to the competitive success of companies as a result of its strong impact on brand positioning, brand reputation and brand identity, all vital elements in the economic well-being of a business. Those who put communications strategy at the heart of their strategies, will be winners.

This study was developed to provide a new perspective on the role of digital communications and its potential for accelerating digitalization in Italian companies as a way to improve their economic-financial performance and reinforce their competitiveness on an international level.

Specifically, the study is designed to:

  • provide enhanced…

Sustaining air traffic growth in Europe and worldwide, maintaining high standards of aviation safety and security, supporting innovation, reducing aviation’s environmental footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change: these are the main challenges that European Aviation sector is facing today.

The EU has already assumed the role of “game-changer” with the creation of a single aviation market and the Single European Sky aimed at fostering innovation, maintaining the highest levels of safety and involving all stakeholders in the process.

All major tools are in place together with a robust regulatory framework. Now action at all levels (EU and…

In recent years, expectations about the potential to draw economic advantage from research activity have intensified, thus opening the debate between local areas involved in creating conditions that “enable” the development of innovation and research, as well as highlighting examples of excellence on an international level.

Among these is Oxford University Innovation (UK), an organization which—thanks to its clear mission, high-level expertise, “patient” capital, farsighted activities over the long-term, proximity of a structured network and access to excellent research—has generated a significant economic impact in terms of revenues, new companies and employment … an important impact for the economy of…

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