Ambrosus Community Call 4/29/22

  • Ambrosus has hired an influencer manager, Lena, to work with Lang, Kevin, and Connor to research, communicate with, and onboard new influencers.
  • Additionally, Ambrosus signed a deal with a large, US-based PR agency to secure features in Tier-1 (Forbes, Bloomberg, etc) and Tier-2 (HackerNoon, CoinTelegraph, etc) media.
  • Ambrosus is focused heavily on expansion in the Turkish market. Some of the ongoing efforts to support this are the hiring search for a new Turkish community manager, an upcoming Voice AMA in the Binance Turkey official telegram group (Saturday, 5pm local time), and a partnership with Coin Engineer, the largest Turkish crypto YouTube channel with almost 500k subscribers.
  • From a technical perspective, Ambrosus is very close to completing its migration from Parity to OpenEthereum with finalization estimated to take place on Wednesday, 5/4. They are also in the process of launching an ambassador program for their ECO1 sensor to begin demonstrating how it works and the impact it can have on supply chain traceability.
  • After the ETH bridge goes live on mainnet in ~2 weeks, the Ambrosus tech team will spend approximately three weeks creating their native BNB bridge. Once completed, bridge launch will occur in concordance with the introduction of an AMB trading pair on PancakeSwap.
  • Towards the end of the month, Ambrosus will initiate a Trade & Learn campaign with Binance to encourage Binance users to engage with the AMB token. Binance will also be adding Ambrosus to their staking program, allowing Binance users to stake AMB tokens directly from their Binance wallet.
  • Lastly, with trading volume being a major point of emphasis, Ambrosus has partnered with a service provider to help address this issue (they will be starting this Monday).




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