We never notice the subtle changes within ourselves. We start paying attention to them only when their impacts pile up and start affecting our lives. Changes, so easily creep into us, one after the other, and sometime many simultaneously. Finally we become almost a different person altogether. It seems, as our body cells are almost completely replaced by the newer ones every seven years, the same way our thoughts and perspective also gets replaced by the novel ones. And quite spectacularly the process of Change slows down as we age, in both the scenarios (physical and mental).

Ironically, the Change that once was a naturally occurring phenomenon becomes a very scarce commodity as we grow old. Many of us get used to it and stop seeking any. However, quite a few start searching for this resource and try to replenish it as much as possible, till the time we can. It depends on individual stamina about how much and till what age they can endure the process of Change.

However, one asks why seek for Change anyway, can’t we live without it. Well, there is one catch here, that we usually tend to forget. The process of Change is not only happening within, but also around us as well. Unfortunately the change within slows down with age, the same is not true for the Change going on outside. Hence we struggle, either to keep pace with or to resist the same. And it depends on person to person who likes to struggle for what.

Our struggle for or against these changes, show us what we want to be. And the extent of our success in these struggles, at any point in time, make us what we are in that point in time. I can explain it easily taking two current examples from my life. I am struggling to resist one change that has been creeping in me for quite a long time now, and at the same time I am also struggling to bring about one pertinent change which requires a lot of will power-a limited resource of course.

  1. The first change, against which I am struggling is that I have stopped writing enough. This post is a part of my struggle against this change which happened overtime, when my attention was into accommodating other unavoidable as well as desired changes in my life, one example of which is moving from academic research work to an industry job.
  2. The other change for which I am putting a lot of effort is to exercise regularly. I am trying hard. Following is a quote from an article published in quartz -
Through a recent survey of 1.06 million people aged 20–35 years in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, fitness aggregator Gympik found that only 30% reported having a gym or fitness centre membership. And even in this group, a mere 11% was regular for more than six months.

I want to be in those 11% people. However, until now, I haven’t been as regular as should be.

In the end, what matters is that we keep on struggling until….?

Well, struggle seems to be the constant. We struggle until something is accomplished and then we struggle for something else. Perfection is like infinity which can never be achieved, however our movement towards it gives us a purpose. A purpose which will always be there to provide us the direction and tell us, which change to struggle against and which to struggle for.

So to complete the unfinished line, we keep on struggling until we are alive. Maybe the struggle is what keeps us alive.