Hanging with Harvey

For those needing some perspective about Harvey & Houston, I humbly offer this glimpse.

I live in Houston. Right here:

By population, Houston is the 4th largest city in the US but in land mass, Houston is 627 square miles. Combine Chicago, New York and Miami and Houston has room to spare. It is massive and it is entirely flat. Some engineering brainiac decided that with a system of bayous and sub-bayous (fancy word for man made river) and the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico that Houston could be made inhabitable and capable of withstanding the 40" of annual rainfall it typically gets. Annually.

But Harvey is a millenial event and in 4 days this city has surpassed its annual rainfall and that engineering brainiac is a target now for extreme redress and contempt.

(Ima add more later but my save button ain’t working…)