Amdahl Cube Update #2: Soon 🖥🕹📚

Hello Cubans,

(Damn, that one’s taken…Cubists? Cubbies? Cubolas? TBD)

A brief update on the Cube. We’ve added a smorgasbord of new parts, including:

  1. Gigabyte Z97 lineup
  2. Asus and Gigabyte H61 lineup
  3. MSI Intel-based Catalog added, including motherboards based on H61, H67, Z68, Z77, X79, H81, H97, Z97, X99, Z170, H170, and the MSI 990FXA for /u/denali42
  4. NVIDIA GTX Titan X (2016 Pascal) — Spoiler Alert: Its 4K@60.
  5. 120 and 144 Hz refresh rate components — Components are there, but the new tiers are pending — so they’ll show as the same tier as the 60 Hz ones. More on that soon.
  6. Extended ATX chassis option

We’re still rounding out our catalog of components, but we also wanted to put some work into where we want to take the Cube. I don’t think our execution is quite on Blizzard or Half-Life time yet, but we’re trying to take that clarity of purpose and attention to detail to heart as we develop new features.

Yes, we’ll be adding more parts and broader coverage of the more exotic aspects of gaming rigs. We definitely need that mobile version. Sure, we’ll get smarter tools for managing compatibility. But our mission is to improve the entire gaming hardware experience, from picking the parts to showing it off to finding out what’s next. We can do that with richer data, which gives us better options for automating stuff. We’re going to roll some of that out during the beta so it’ll be here…soon.

We also want to thank you, the community, for being so helpful during the beta, so we’re preparing a small reward for that too. More on that…soon.

As per usual, you can find the latest at

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