I’m With The Banned
Laurie Penny

Hot damn. That was an article. I recognize the “weaponised insincerity” that she’s talking about. I struggle to watch Bill O’Reilly and Ted Cruz for those reasons. Because I just think, “Wait, these guys have Ivy League educations, there is no way they can be saying this…?”

This was really the paragraph that floored me, because this is the whole ball game.

“I have never understood this game. That’s why I’ve always refused to debate Milo in public. Not because I’m frightened I’ll lose, but because I know I’ll lose, because I care and he doesn’t — and that means he’s already won.”

I can’t say it’ll win us the war, but I can say that I believe that attacks like this, against the callousness, the indifference, the raw opportunism displayed in present discourse, will eventually damage those things.

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