Yelp Fired A Single Mother Today: Me
Jaymee Senigaglia

I am so sorry you are going through this. I was fired from a company after being the victim of a crime and developing PTSD. No, I did not miss excessive amounts of work or tell anyone my business until I had to. I think I missed 2 days over 9 months. Heck, I received tons of awards for my work and cleaned the breakrooms for free before work because I was asked to.

Anyway, things got bad when I asked for one very simple reasonable accommodation because I noticed my numbers decreasing. I knew exactly what I needed and thought it would be no big deal at all. HR gave my doctor a hard time and wanted to know every detail of my medical history. By the next day..the whole office knew! It was humiliating. I just wanted to do my job. Single moms there were usually allowed to work from home, but many of them knew the owner on a personal basis.

I came to work nauseous every day after my life has been put on blast and I would hear whispers. Or be asked very inappropriate questions. I figured it would pass as most things in life do.

Then on a Sunday, I received a call saying not to come into work anymore. Before I could ask why, our HR rep hung up. I called for a week and left voicemails.

Finally, I received a termination letter saying that they had confirmation that I stole snacks from the break room (we had to pay over retail prices and I did buy them a few times — but never, ever stole!) and my personality was not a good fit for the company culture. Of course it said if I had questions to call and I never got any answers.

Had to contact the police to get the contents of my desk mailed to me. Anything of even a little value was missing. Things like a box of k-cups and my Fitbit. Thankfully nothing too expensive..but it would’ve been from my own stupidity anyway.

I was paid $9 per hour with no benefits…but it was what I signed up for.

Sometimes I feel envious of single moms because they do seem to get special treatment. Probably because many HR reps can relate to them.

I was supposed to go on a getaway that I cleared with my boss and HR 4 months in advance and had to cancel two days before because a mom needed those days off. I was mostly mad that I lost money on things that couldn’t be canceled.

My introduction to the working world was a harsh one but I have moved on.

Best of luck to you..things are tougher than ever out there.

To employers: Snacks whether free or not seem to be a big workplace issue. Bring back vending machines! :-) Have cameras around puh-lease. And well, just follow the same protocol for everyone.