Just physics!

My struggle with physics started 2 years ago. I had this beautiful subject with my teacher Memo and I simply didn’t understand any word of what he said in the entire semester. Well, maybe I’m lying, probably I understood like the first month and a half (movement in one dimension and a little bit of movement in two dimensions) but after that I was completely lost.

I must admit that I wasn’t worried at all, I didn’t even want to study a career with maths and I had a boyfriend (silly I). The time was running out and it was the first time in my life that I was giving a bean if I failed or not in the school. Maybe you’re wondering why, and I’ll tell you my friend, there were lots of variables in this moment of my life. As I said earlier, I wanted to study a career without maths (International relations; my ex-boyfriend (a psycho mate) was always trying to be with me at all times; I was growing and I was trying (still trying) to figure out what my life would be in a week, month, year and so on.

Obviously, this didn’t end well. I started to have problems with my stomach and I was suffering from anxiety. Anyways, I had to decide my career and I couldn’t, so I took the easy path. Stay in the same school but in University (Yup, my ex-high school is also a University). The career that was not that bad, was International Business. Nevertheless, I couldn’t take it so I took a semester off, I got a job as English and Spanish teacher (English is not my mother tongue and I do not live in the US) and after three months I went to the United States for a month.

That trip was very useful for me. I went to two programming departments in two big companies and I just fell in love with them. I really liked the environment and the work they perform.

And the dilemma began… Before these visits I was planning in studying Law (yup, I changed my mind with International Relations) because I wasn’t sure if I was good enough at math and physics, mostly physics. I feared the worst: “not to be accepted in the career” and for sure, wait another year to apply again. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to apply to Information Technology Engineering.

Suddenly, I realized that if I really wanted to get in, I had to work for it. And here my effort launched. I’ve been working for three weeks in physics and in math due to the exam, which is in two weeks. Therefore, I’ve been working like a workaholic but it feels right, you know? it feels like a challenge and I love challenges!

So far, I know movement in one and two dimensions, vectors, forces and work. Apparently I barely have to study just one topic more of physics: electricity. I must admit that it feels sooo good to know that I’m achieving my goal!

And I know, there’s still a chance that I don’t get accepted in the career, however, I recognize that I’ve done everything I can to get in. I mean, everyday I go to the library and I study from the books I rente; and if I have questions, I ask my old teachers from high school.

Life is good, right?

  • Feel free to comment if my spelling/grammar/sintaxis was wrong, I’d love to improve in english.
  • Feel free to comment whatever you want, I’m eager to hear from you.
  • Peace!