2020 COVID-19 Check-In

By: Matthew Prewitt (Twitter)

COVID-19 is casting a bright light on the tension between the individual and the collective. On one hand, the crisis demands a coordinated response at the national and global levels. It is no longer possible even to imagine ourselves as self-sufficient individuals. On the other hand, it pushes us into isolation, figuratively and literally.

So which is it? Are we one or many?

This is a perennial question. Getting it wrong in the sense of forced collectivity led to the ruinous totalitarianisms of the twentieth century. …

The Search for Decentralized Identity

With the rise of naming related protocols and services like Handshake and the Ethereum Name Service, it’s important that we understand human-readable names online, and why it’s critical for us to eventually land on a solution that makes sense, globally.

Many blockchain “ecosystem” projects aim to create environments for economic exchange that are more efficient than the real world. The reasons for trying this are clear: If the efficiency of exchange in a blockchain environment exceeded its fiat money counterpart, it would take off. …

Understanding the Incentive Mechanics of Cent

If you haven’t heard of the Cent Network, now’s the time to really look in-depth to understand one of the most intriguing and advanced platforms for mainstream adoption for Ethereum, to date.

Built atop Web3, Cent is a social network that abstracts away many of the headaches of Web3 by utilizing state channels to remove the need to pay gas, fees, and provide instant settlement for fund reuse on the platform. Ultimately the Cent team has created a Web2/Web3 hybrid that is easy to sign-up for and get started using quickly, even without ETH.

The incentive primitives that are native…

Links to Panels and Lectures of Amentum GPs

We as a firm get invited to speak at many different events and conferences. Since we’re committed to educating the greater community on our perspectives, insights, and strategies for building and maintaining success companies and protocols in our burgeoning industry.

Here are a few of the recordings we’ve managed to get our hands-on, and we hope you find value from them. We’re grateful to all those who help us by allowing us to spread our message to so many bright minds.

Panel discussion on Marketing to Crypto Developers at StarfishHQ in San Francisco:

Amentum lecture about Crypto and Crypto…

How to Think About Autonomy

This piece shares some recent thinking about blockchain-mediated organizations. It is an extension of ongoing conversations with Steven McKie reflected in prior pieces on DAOs, blockchain-specific governance, and the emergent properties of blockchain governance as we further explore the best means for coordinating agents globally at scale.

Rethinking Organizations

People who are interested in blockchains as organizers of human activity often invoke the concept of the DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. But I increasingly wonder whether this concept — which emerged quite early in our attempts to understand and articulate the possibilities of blockchains — is confused.

It is time to bring…

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