AMERICAN ART KILLERS: A Mystery Novel About The Power of Art & Madness

Con Artists, Call Girls and Jazz Junkies

A Novel By Andrew Oyé

Novel Synopsis:

In his own mind, Seven Waters is a legend. Nobody knows his name, but he is convinced a camera and a healthy ego will change that. Stumbling upon a mysterious jazz connoisseur during a sweltering New Orleans summer, he embarks on a mission to unravel the man’s obsession in a documentary that will launch his fledgling career. However, Seven’s mentor, Dr. Bronson Maddox, a decorated filmmaker and professor, struggles with self-made threats to his longstanding image in the arts and academic communities.

Ever stalwart, Seven and his circle of creative cohorts moves to the rhythm of the Deuce Generation — artists searching for ways to voice their angst, share their vision, and make their mark in the 2000 millennium. The tight-knit crew of “deuces” learns that life is far from easy in the Big Easy, because the belly of the bayou holds the darkest untold stories. A symphony of secrets makes it difficult to hear harmonies over the beats of betrayal and the pulse of deceit.

Seven’s former flame, Whitney, is a feminist documentarian producing provocative art that conflicts with her family’s values, and her latest project is sure to rile up the religious. Meanwhile, Tahj, the handsome writer, is haunted by the mystery surrounding his father’s death. Although erotic poet Phoenyx has come to terms with her past and embraces all things sensual, ethereal painter Katarina is distraught by a past that cripples her heart. Marco, the screenwriter, is a lovelorn fool set on keeping Fiona, the stubborn actress seeking an escape to stardom and away from all the madness.

They are hell-bent on chasing dreams, challenging conventions, and satisfying the “Almighty Urge” that drives us all. Since uncovering truth is the only saving grace, confessions abound. But some people wear a veil so heavy that, if lifted, it could spew ire on everyone in the vicinity. Ultimately, these friends discover that we unearth the most about life and ourselves when worlds collide…and the crash is the only sound after the music dies.

Like classic, generation-defining novels of eras past, American Art Killers: Con Artists, Call Girls and Jazz Junkies accents a moment in contemporary life with keen force. A stirring portrait of artists and warriors, lovers and fighters, liars and legends, American Art Killers is a literary character study of the artist’s mind and soul. And lurking behind this intimate journey to self-discovery is a haunting, sweaty tale of lust, lunacy and liberation.

About the Author:

Andrew Oyé is a Simon+Schuster published author, novelist, poet, playwright, creative director and screenwriter. A graduate of Vanderbilt and Stanford Universities, Andrew resides in Los Angeles where he works on many writing, entertainment and media projects.