Colin Kaepernick Actually Exposed Right-Wing PC Culture

Conservatives need their safe space too.

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit while the Star Spangled Banner played before an NFL preseason game has ignited a heated debate on respecting the American flag as the latest political du jour.

The 49ers quarterback drew the ire of fellow NFL players, NASCAR drivers, athletes, and citizens for his actions — fans even burned his jersey in response. But the Blaze’s Tomi Lahren gave a notably fiery reaction on a recent episode of “Final Thoughts.”

Conservative Pundit Tomi Lahren fulminates against Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem.

While her ostentatious rant isn’t indicative of every conservative sentiment in America, she has become the bellwether of many hardline right-wingers, as evidenced of the video’s hundreds of millions of views. The excessive nature of liberal PC social justice warriors on college campuses has been relentlessly lampooned, but the responses from the extreme right to Kaepernick’s actions reflect a right-wing PC culture that isn’t widely acknowledged.

The National Anthem is a time to reflect on the American Flag and appreciate the sacrifices that many men and women of all walks of life have made to ensure every citizen can enjoy the liberties this country has to offer. If Americans truly believe the stars and stripes represent our cherished freedoms, then they should respect Kaepernick’s right to express himself.

Many may oppose his choice, but the beauty of America is we can all agree or disagree with one another. That’s the nature of the First Amendment.

But in her monologue, Lahren says if Kaepernick doesn’t like America, he should leave — another belief widely held by the Captain America conservative types. Clearly their safe space was violated. Is the choice to not participate in the National Anthem a microagression against your idea of patriotism? At least Colin gave everyone a trigger warning by announcing he will sit during every pre-game National Anthem this season during a 20-minute interview.

But if Americans care so much about patriotism, why is a man who denigrated the service of John McCain and openly disgraced a Gold Star family the Republican nominee for president? Why did they vote for a man who built a presidential campaign that only expressed disdain and contempt for America?

Trump has remained a centrifuge of breaking news because of his incendiary and discriminatory rhetoric that his followers deemed was “keeping it real.” According to that logic, Americans should be content with racism and bigotry because it’s “what’s on people’s minds.” Apparently, any opposition to Trump’s statements is considered too PC.

But God forbid anyone says “happy holidays” in December, because that would be a brutal jihad on Jesus.

Hardcore right-wing conservatives pull these stunts all the time. It hasn’t even been a year since the Christian right fomented an angry backlash against Starbucks’s decision to remove snowflakes from their coffee cups in favor of a plain red container during the holiday season. Clearly this is offensive to Christmas, because Jesus was born in the Middle East, and deserts are obviously notorious for their snowfall.

If people don’t align with conservative Christian morals and their idea of America, then the extreme right throws a temper tantrum and complains about this country’s decline into a liberal Armageddon dominated by gay hippies tossing organic granola out of their hemp handbags while tandem bicycling to their local Whole Foods.

Jon Stewart discussed extremist conservative values when he appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert: “You feel that you’re this country’s rightful owners… This country isn’t yours — you don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. You don’t own it. You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity.”

Jon Stewart made an appearance on The Late Show in July to analyze Trump’s appeal to voters.

This chest-thumping jingoism is a hyper-nationalistic, un-nuanced, uncompromising defense of American values, selective history, and cherry-picked ideals. Anything less than than a full-throated defense of all-Americanism is perceived as capitulation or cuckservatism. Essentially, the right wing uses a contrived, Fox News-inspired sense of patriotism to regulate behavior, stifle dissent, and deflect criticism of their own behavior. Sound familiar?

Black Lives Matter is racist because it implies that black lives are more important than other lives, but Blue Lives Matter doesn’t assume cops’ lives are more important.

When transgender people want to use the restroom that coincides with the gender that they identify with, they’re potential perverts and rapists. When Trump walks in on nude underage girls in dressing rooms before a beauty pageant, any negative coverage is another example of “liberal media bias.”

Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S. is a necessary security measure to prevent radical Islamic terrorism and Sharia law from being implemented on U.S. soil. The LGBTQ community shouldn’t be allowed to marry — and businesses should be allowed to refuse services to them — because giving them full rights infringes on religious liberty and Christian morality.

If President Obama only used “radical Islam” as some sort of Beetlejuice incantation to describe terrorism, the Pulse Nightclub shooting would’ve never happened.

If a Mexican-American waives the flag of their country, they value their ethnicity above their American nationality, but when a Southerner flies the Confederate flag, it means they’re proud of their heritage.

Blue-collar working-class white Americans are poor because they’re the victims of free trade deals and economic globalization that’s far beyond their control. When black or Latino people are poor, it’s because of laziness and a personal moral failure.

The paleo-conservatives get triggered when they hear Spanish or any other foreign language, but they mock the PC left’s duty to publicly ridicule unacceptable epitaphs that describes class, race, gender, or any other victimized flavor of the week.

Nowadays, people can’t decide how they honor or protest America because it violates the conservative idea of patriotism.

Our society has allowed extremists to dominate our political discussion to the point where almost every issue is made into a binary choice. You can either be Black Lives or Blue Lives Matter. You can only be a heartless pro-business capitalist or a bleeding heart pro-government socialist. Nuance and reason has been thrown out the window. Instead, we only get hyper-partisan blowhards dictating which emotional knee-jerk reaction is acceptable in today’s political debate.

The PC right wingers complain of college “safe spaces” while they retreat to Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh to throw ideologically homogeneous temper tantrums within a mutually reinforcing circle jerk. Meanwhile, the PC left self-aggrandizes their ideology on their Huffington Post and Salon soap boxes while complaining that the right is too narrow-minded and divorced from reality.

If Americans can unite around one commonality, it should be for a mutual disdain for extremists on both ends of the spectrum who prioritize demonizing the other side over solving problems.

For every liberal speech Nazi that lectures someone who calls a homeless person “homeless” instead of a “socio-economically underserved person with a negative cash inflow living in substandard housing,” there’s a bitter Christian right activist that believes an Oreo commercial featuring a cookie with rainbow frosting signals America’s descent into a fiery Hell filled with deviant sodomy.

There’s a word we can use to describe the ideology of the regressive right and left. It’s “asshole.” Both groups are filled self-righteous authoritarians who place themselves on a moral pedestal so they can micromanage other people’s lives to fit accordingly to their worldview. When they tear each other apart, it’s like watching a red apple insult a green apple for being an apple. They’re ultimately projecting their own behavior and insecurities onto each other.

Hardcore conservatives and PC liberals have a lot more in common than they think. Who says bipartisanship is dead these days?