The Iconic First Ford F-Series of the Late 1940s

American Mint is a Pennsylvania-based company that provides collectors with an entry point into the fascinating world of metals, coins, and commemorative knives. American Mint also offers vintage automotive enthusiasts a full range of die-cast replica cars, from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS to the 1948 Ford F1 Pickup.

Launched in January, 1948, the F-Series was initially advertised as a Bonus Built Line that encompassed a full range of models and mix-and-matched several chassis and cab configurations. Featuring a larger redesigned cab, the trucks were distinguished by front-end sheet metal, a one-piece windshield, and squared-off bumpers. Available models ranged from the F-8, which was three-ton rated, to basic half-ton rated pickups. This popular lineup of trucks typically came equipped with either a 95 horsepower 226-cubic-inch inline six-valve engine or a 100 horsepower 239-c.i. V8.

With some remodels, the first F series lasted until 1953, when a sleeker look was introduced along with a number of style revisions, such as a new grille and hood configuration. In addition, the trucks were renamed, with the consumer editions now known as the F-100 and F-250, and the heavy duty trucks known as F-350.

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