Using CBD Oil to Treat Our Autistic Son Carl and Its Results

CBD oil

By Dr. Gary Deel, Ph.D., JD
Faculty Director, School of Business, American Public University

Note: This article is the second in a two-part series about using CBD as an autism treatment. The content of this article is intended for informational purposes, and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

In my first article about using CBD to treat autism, I discussed the new research being conducted in the medical community around the use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a potential treatment for a variety of conditions including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, seizures and autism. I explained how CBD has been decriminalized in the United States, and how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is struggling to regulate CBD’s purchase and consumption. Finally, I voiced that users should be careful about product quality and unsubstantiated claims made by CBD vendors.

After doing extensive research online, my wife and I decided to give CBD a try with our autistic son, Carl. First, we looked online and established a comfortable understanding of appropriate dosage based on body weight. Then, we found a vendor with strict quality control standards and a strong reputation for honesty and reliability in this new market.

We ordered an oral CBD dropper and have been administering the supplement to Carl twice a day for approximately three months now. The next question from others is always: “Has it helped?”

CBD Oil and Carl’s Treatment

As I explained in an earlier article detailing our attempt to treat Carl’s autism with stem cell therapy, it is impossible to say for sure whether CBD helped or not. If you ask my wife and I, we both feel that the CBD oil has helped Carl with focus, calmness, and attention to social interactions.

We have discontinued the CBD supplementation intermittently over the last few months in order to evaluate any changes with and without the treatment. To us, Carl seems distinctly more alert and engaged with the CBD supplement.

In the past, Carl never had any issues with sleep quality or seizures, so we simply can’t speak to claims of CBD benefits in these areas. But insofar as focus and attention is concerned, the CBD definitely seems to help.

Of course, there is only one observational data point here: my son Carl. Because of that fact, we can never know for sure if the CBD caused a definite change or if other factors — such as Carl’s stem cell treatment or his daily Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy — are confounding the results we’ve observed.

Remember: I am not a medical doctor. It is my strongest advice to anyone reading this article that you speak with your own doctor before considering any CBD supplement for yourself or a family member.

But as a professional researcher and a father who has experimented with giving CBD oil to an autistic child, I can say that there does appear to be some promise to this field of medical research. Autism is an epidemic that is affecting families all around the world, and it is important that we pursue any possible leads to cures or treatments that can make the lives of autistic individuals more fulfilling and dignified. I encourage others to support this important research into CBD, keeping in mind the caveats I’ve discussed, and to stay informed about what is happening in the CBD space.

About the Author

Dr. Gary Deel is a Faculty Director with the School of Business at American Public University. He holds a JD in Law and a Ph.D. in Hospitality/Business Management. He teaches human resources and employment law classes for American Public University, the University of Central Florida, Colorado State University and others.

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