Dear BuzzFeed, When Is It Okay To Wish The President Dead?

This sounds like a dumb question, but after news broke about BuzzFeed Entertainment employees hoping for then candidate Donald Trump’s assassination in their Slack, it’s really not.

First reported by Big League Politics, former BuzzFeed employee Baked Alaska (aka Tim Treadstone) leaked screenshots taken from this chat that shows at least three BuzzFeed employees wishing for death to find Donald Trump to ease symptoms of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Baked Alaska leaked these screenshots in response to BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, where Smith smeared Treadstone as a liar about being treated poorly as an open Trump supporter and the failing media outlet’s obvious political bias, chronicled in a Business Insider profile about Treadstone.

Any media outlet in possession of even a shred of humanity would immediately rush to condemn this sort of depraved behavior from its employees, right?

Wrong. It gets worse. The disturbing answer to the question posed in this article is this:

A “throwaway comment” from an “entertainment employee,” not someone from the prestigious BuzzFeed News division that published the false Golden Shower Russian dossier, means this should be swept aside, right fam? HA. Even if a BuzzFeed News reporter had said this, who really thinks their unacceptably callous response would be much different.

In case you needed more proof the Fake News media wanted Trump and his supporters to be in harm’s way, we have the proof. Just listen for the laughs here as Mike Cernovich challenges the White House Press Corps on their own turf about the lack of coverage about real violence against Trump supporters.

Baked Alaska has done a great service to his country. That took guts. Mark my words. More patriots can, and will, do more of this to teach these twisted media companies, or any company, a lesson in decency.