The Cancer of Censorship

We’ve all seen it. A big social media account gets banned permanently or suspended and reinstated with far fewer followers than before.

It’s bad enough that we live in a time where one has to post carefully, so as not to invite the screeching wrath of trust & safety councils everywhere.

When an account does suffer at the hands of these not so wise councils, we usually launch a hashtag, get righteously indignant and chronicle what caused it in numerous blogs. And, that’s all well and good. No problems there.

However, there is an insidious cancer birthed from this form of 21st century censorship. Social media is more than just a fun medium of communication people use to goof off. It’s an economic vehicle for many artists of different trades.

A content creator such as a musician or novelist or screenwriter form relationships throughout the internet in much the same way that people in real life do at what you could call a regular work environment.

When a novelist or screenwriter or musician loses a connection to a social media account with a wide following due to a suspension or ban, this novelist or writer or musician has lost an economic avenue for spreading their work via posts, retweets, etc.

This is equally true of shadow bans, arguably a worse form of censorship because it weakens a prominent account’s reach/influence, while remaining active, and plays mindgames on the account holder.

Next time you see a big account go down, remember the multiplier effect and the economic damage left in its wake. I won’t name names, but the cancer of censorship has already injured my business. This is often overlooked or quickly forgotten.

This needs to stop. It won’t. After all, we’re in an information war.

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