Three myths about equal pay — and how we can close the pay gap once and for all.
Hillary Clinton

When businesses treat all individuals equally they are not threatened by regulations that keep others in check. We can not allow them to police themselves; the history, the gap, the injustice is real. Today in Florida we have a Governor that not only dismisses equal pay for equal work, he dismisses the value of a woman’s work in the home. Florida women are now threatened by Bill SB 668, which will retroactively change the alimony laws in Florida and threatens to impoverish millions of women who are dependent on alimony payments from their husbands. This too is an example of discrimination and the lack of equity a woman earns when she chooses to work in the home and raise her family.

If women were paid equally, maybe then they could go off to work and leave their husbands at home to raise the family. Then Gov. Scott could sign this horrific alimony bill and send all the “lazy” men into poverty. Nope would never happen. Injustice all around.

Women demand equality, because we are just as talented, work just as hard. I know I’ve earned it.

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