What to Know About Trump, Russia, and Robert Mueller


  1. Mueller reaffirmed that the Trump campaign welcomed Russian help in the 2016 election.
  2. Mueller confirmed that Trump and Trump’s team’s shady foreign connections even beyond Russian interference were extensive.
  3. Mueller reiterated that Russian interference in our democracy continues and will continue into 2020.
  4. Mueller said of Trump’s praise for Wikileaks, “problematic is an understatement.”

Finally, above all — today has reaffirmed in crystal clear terms the most important fact about the Mueller report — Trump has NOT been exonerated of wrongdoing, and Trump’s…

Another day, another opportunity to explain why Donald Trump’s cabinet picks are unqualified for the positions they’ve been appointed to.

The Interior Secretary spent $139,000 on a set of doors for his office

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has been in hot water lately for his spending office.

But what else can you buy for the cost of Ryan Zinke’s doors?

We’re only sort of kidding

Donald Trump’s administration has had more than its fair share of turnover since Jan. 1, 2017.

Find the answers to the quiz here:

And read more about the turmoil in Trump’s administration here:

From Sally Yates to David Shulkin, and the many, many people in between

TOTAL: 138

White House: 44

Administration: 35 (without additional 46 U.S. attorneys and additional state department staff)

Advisory Councils and Boards: 59

Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary for state management, State Department — 1/26/17

Americans who want gun control are in the majority, but the GOP isn’t listening

Florida Senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio had the nerve to look the survivors of the Parkland shooting in the eyes and continue to back his long-held beliefs on gun laws: that assault rifles are OK to own, that he will continue to take money from the NRA, and that “the problem we are facing here cannot be solved by gun laws alone.”

“People buy into my agenda, and I do support the Second Amendment … The influence of these groups comes not from money, the influence comes from the millions of people who support the agenda.” …

More and more of the claims first outlined by Christopher Steele in his infamous Trump-Russia dossier have been confirmed.

Whether or not the Fake News Awards actually happen, we wanted to make sure members of President Trump’s administration didn’t go unlauded. So we’re preempting his effort with a campaign of our own — why should he have all the fun? The Corruptie Awards are our recognition of all the people who made 2017 both memorable and unbearable. From Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to the Mooch, to Donald Trump, Jr., the gang’s all here as we celebrate their lows and lower lows.

We don’t yet know the full extent of what Donald Trump knew about Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election.

Updated: Feb. 21, 2018

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