Twyla Garret Is The Owner Of Investment Management Enterprise (IME), Inc

Twyla Garret is the founder of a leading consulting firm Investment Management Enterprise (IME), Inc. IME is a management consulting firm that specializes in Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Management Consulting Services, Life Cycle Acquisition Support, Information Technology (IT) Support Services, Cyber Security & Computer Forensics, and Construction Program Management.

Twyla Garret is in her early 40s and has an extraordinary resume with a solid portfolio of flourishing business. She is an entrepreneur with great vision. She has set up a mark in the areas of homeland security, fibre security and federal acquisition process support through her company’s top notch services. She said “I am energized by untapped business opportunities and by our ability to bring even more efficiencies to government agencies and those doing business with the government. ” her indomitable spirit and passion has always driven business growth.

For nine years, Twyla Garret worked as a deputy controller for the Naval Depot and as foreign military sales manager for Space and Naval Warfare System Command. Thereafter, she left her job and invested $500 in IME and immediately got a contract. After that, there was no looking back. She kept on stepping the ladder of success. With her personal experience on the receiving end of deliverables, IME has always topped the charts of profits.

In the next 18 to 24 months, Twyla Garret is planning to double or triple the company’s size. In the current year, IME will expand its methodologies and best practices while making a number of strategic acquisitions. The company will open its 3 offices soon. At present, she is busy in looking forward to the next chapter of her thriving entrepreneurial kingdom to celebrate past achievements. When not busy with her professional life, she likes playing different sports. She also mentors young women and give them proper coaching.

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